We’ve all experienced an awkward elevator ride to the top floor of a building. Most of the time it is just you and another person, sometimes it is you and multiple people and other times it is you and several people entering and existing. No matter the situation, for some reason it is always awkward.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we understand how painful it can be trying to make small talk with a complete stranger to fill what feels like the longest silence of your life. To give you a helping hand we’ve put together this blog on eliminating awkward elevator rides…

  • Try to greet every person who enters the elevator with a simple smile. It is said that smiling can relax even the most awkward of situations which is why we endorse it! If you smile when someone new enters a lift with you, you are immediately establishing a friendly atmosphere rather than the dreaded awkward atmosphere of two strangers who are being forced to spend 30 seconds with one another. Plus, you might just make someone’s day!


  • Ask someone which floor they require as they enter a lift. Not only is this a good gesture, it has the possibility of opening up a brief conversation. Even if this conversation is about someone’s pets, what they did at the weekend or their children, talking about anything other than the weather has to be better than the eerie silence that you would otherwise endure.

Now you know how to behave in an elevator to avoid an awkward situation, it’s time to think about investing in your very own elevator. Whether you’re looking at purchasing a home elevator, an office elevator or a public elevator, Elevators Ltd can guarantee that choosing the best lift company around is a smart business decision! Speak to a member of the team today to find out more information.