Elevators aren’t the most exciting of things to experience, especially if they’re packed with strangers making the ride awkward and time consuming. However, there are some pretty awesome elevators out there that will make the experience of travelling from one floor to the other that little bit more exciting and memorable, as well as the lift maintenance.

America isn’t shy of a cool elevator and Huffington Post have found six of the most entertaining lifts, and we’ve picked out our three favourites starting from the best of all; Legoland’s.

If you were to step into an elevator at Legoland, you’ll probably expect it to be a little different inside especially over in the States, and if were to say that you could experience the thrills of a mini disco and a whoopee cushion, you’d probably think we were bonkers. But it’s true. The walls are inscribed with Lego people (obviously), there is a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, flashing lights and of course music so you can have a wee dance. And over in the elevator lobby there is a whoopee cushion for your own amusement. We bet this lift brings a whole new level to lift maintenance!

Now, if you were travelling to San Francisco for your holiday then you would get to experience the magnificent views from the city on one elevator ride. The Wentin St. Francis Hotel has five exterior lifts that travel up the 32 floor tower wing, at 1,000 feet per minute. One free ride will enable you to embrace Union Square and San Francisco.

And finally, only in Las Vegas would you experience the highlights of travelling up and down a pyramid, well a pyramid shaped building anyway and you get the views from the hotel atrium, as well as the illuminations at night.

So there you have it, three of our favourite elevators in America. We’re definitely looking into booking a holiday to California just so we can experience the lift in Legoland! We bet the engineers are like big kids if they have to carry out any lift maintenance!