Completing a lift installation isn’t just for getting passengers to their office floor, or to the top floor in a shopping centre, they are there to provide you with some of the most stunning views of all times. You probably wouldn’t expect to see a lift in some of the World’s most famous and historical buildings and you probably would expect stairs to be an option, but for safety reasons, a lift installation is often needed.

The Bell Tower in Saint Mark’s Square is one of the most seen landmarks in Venice, and if you get the chance to visit it, you can see why.

Built in 1514, St. Mark’s Campanile stands 323 feet tall and is situated at the front of Saint Mark’s Basilica and is home to not one, but five bells. At the top of the Campanile is the belfry, which boasts the Lion of St. Mark and the la Giustizia; the female representation of Venice. It’s a few Euros to get into the bell tower, but it’s definitely money worth spent. Although there is no option to take the stairs as many tourists were requesting, it is just a short lift journey to the top and what you will then see is unimaginable.

Every view of Venice that you see from the top of the Campanile is like staring at a postcard and we can imagine that extra care and consideration had to be taken in when completing the lift installation, as it is one on the most recognizable symbols in Venice.


Like with most of the historical buildings in Venice, lift installation can’t afford to go wrong. The architecture and décor inside the famous landmarks are remarkable and symbolic, that no one is allowed to touch it or take photos inside. So it is understandable why you should take extra caution when installing a lift, which is something that our engineers do anyway.

If you ever get the chance to go to Venice, we highly recommend visiting the St. Mark’s Campanile and you’ll even get your own lift porter. But in the meantime, for more information about our lift installation service, please do get in touch with the team over at Elevators Ltd today.