It’s essential that any elevator has air conditioning. This isn’t a luxury add-on that manufacturers charge extra for, it’s purely to keep the passengers inside the car comfortable. In summer, there is nothing worse than being in a stuffy, sweaty lift with ten other people feeling just as hot as you do. Imagine the lift encountered technical difficulties and became stuck.

The passengers inside need to keep cool, literally. Not only will rising temperatures make them sweat more, it can exacerbate symptoms of a panic attack which nobody wants in that kind of situation. Lots of lifts go underground too, so passengers need to have a regular temperature inside the car. Imagine those lifts inside glass buildings. Phew! They are bound to get heated, so it’s important that a good air conditioning system is installed to ensure maximum user comfort and accessibility.

Water however can pool in places in the car and the shaft, naturally from such a system as air conditioning. The engineers must find a way to safely remove this of course, as it can cause some minor flooding of the car. Water on the floor as most people know can be dangerous; slips and falls in the workplace do not come cheap! This is why if you are a building manager or supervisor, or indeed if you own a building which uses a lift, you must ensure your lift engineer is properly trained to thoroughly maintain your passenger lifts. Lift maintenance must be dealt with appropriately and efficiently, and quickly too.

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