Although the dumbwaiter is commonly associated with the service industry and can be found in restaurants and hotels, more and more residential property owners are choosing to have them installed too. In fact, large old-fashioned homes tend to come with an outdated, but easily modernised, dumbwaiter already implemented into the floorplan. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that that every homeowner can benefit from the dumbwaiter and in this blog, we have decided to go over some of the advantages they can offer…


Originally used in large properties many years ago, modern dumbwaiters now offer an effective way to transport items between the floors of a property as primarily intended. After all, properties with several floors makes everyday chores difficult by involving several staircases and heavy items. With a weight limit of up to 250 lb and an average speed of 0.5 metres per second, there is no better way to improve household efficiency than with a dumbwaiter.


As well as providing unbeatable efficiency, a dumbwaiter also offers property owners versatility too. After all, they can be used in a variety of different ways and are able to fit a range of different items inside such as laundry baskets, paperwork, cleaning supplies or even food and drink. With this said, it is important that children are never left unsupervised around a dumbwaiter as they are not intended for passengers and can result in serious injuries if used in such a way.


Many property owners believe that a dumbwaiter is an unnecessary investment. After all, the average home is only two stories high. With this said, properties that are built over three, four or five floors can reap the benefits of a dumbwaiter as there is more of a demand for efficiency. Plus, investing in a dumbwaiter can also increase the value of a property considerably should the homeowner ever choose to put it on the market as buyers are often willing to pay more for a multi-story home with a fully functioning dumbwaiter installed.

Purchasing a dumbwaiter isn’t a decision that should be made haphazardly. After all, there are many aspects to take into consideration in order to ensure that it is the most appropriate investment for the property in question, particularly when it comes to residential installations. With this said, large homes can benefit from the ease of use that a dumbwaiter provides. To find out more information about our product range, get in contact with the best lift company around and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team about our dumbwaiters today!