So here’s a way to lose those post-Christmas pounds; banning lifts in public places. It sounds extreme and it could even put lift maintenance companies in a sticky situation. Stairs are a good way to drop the pounds, but what if you’re carrying heavy items, or you were pushing a pram, you’re disabled, elderly or your designated floor is 10 stories high? A lift would come in handy wouldn’t it and in our eyes, have more importance over losing a few pounds. That’s our opinion anyway and it’s certainly different to the opinion of the Turkish government.

In a fight to beat obesity in Turkey, the government have come up with an intelligent idea; to ban people from using lifts to the first three floors in public buildings. It’s not even an idea, it began on December 31st 2014 and the lifts will operate from the fourth floor upwards. There are some exceptions to the new rules including hospitals, nursing homes and those who are unable to climb the stairs for medical reasons. But it still asks the questions about people with prams are supposed to do, or those carrying heavy items and the elderly. Does is also mean that lift installation would have to start from the fourth floor and any lift maintenance that is needed would have to be carried on a higher floor?

What do you think about these new rules? How would you feel if the UK government proposed to bring in a similar rule? We’d have to oppose to it and that’s nothing to do with us being bias because we’re a lift maintenance and lift installation company, there are various reasons why lifts are required in public places and we can’t see members of the government taking the stairs.