Accessible Lift Installations

With many multi-story buildings and increased legislation for accessibility, lifts are a common engineering installation in many buildings.  Accessible lift installations have improved accessibility for all, not just wheelchair and pushchair users and the elderly. They need to be durable, reliable and well maintained to cope with the footfall and usage. There are some places it would be hard to imagine without a lift these days.  Read on as the team here at Elevators Ltd go over the top four and one that might surprise you…

High Rise Buildings

Nearly 600 buildings of 20 storeys or higher are currently been approved in London.  A skyscraper is a building which has more than 40 floors – buildings of such scale can only exist with the development of modern elevators. High-rise buildings, housing office buildings or apartments, need at least one lift, probably more, to carry the volume of people working, living or visiting the site. Tower Hamlets has the largest amount of high-rise buildings in London– pity the postman or woman if those lifts break down! Let’s hope they have a reliable lift service provider, like Elevators Ltd.

Shopping Centres

 New buildings for use by the general public must consider accessible lift installations and practicality. Shopping Centres tend to have several floors and have heavy usage by the public and deliveries. The elderly, pushchair users, disabled people and need to be able to get around these stores independently, so lifts are an important factor in the design and build.  These elevators need to be designed to offer enough space to comfortably carry at least one wheelchair (as covered in the Equality Act 2010 guidelines).  Making shopping centres more accessible and pleasurable also encourages all shoppers to visit more stores and eateries on-site, making it easier for customers to use the building and carry their shopping.


Supporting access for patients and staff within medical facilities is an important element of hospital management. Hospitals often cover large sites, which can be difficult to get around. Accessible lift installations can greatly improve the patient experience. When recovering from surgery, or suffering from painful or debilitating illnesses walking up and down stairs isn’t always possible or safe. Lifts in a hospital environment are not just a convenient method to get around, but a necessity. Patients need to be moved around the building by support staff safely and conveniently. Passenger lifts are ideal in these locations to allow patients and visitors access and to support staff when moving patients between wards or to different areas of the hospital for treatment. Commercial lifts are also often installed to move heavy, cumbersome machinery and supplies.

Commercial Buildings

Both passenger lifts and service lifts are commonly found in commercial buildings. In high-traffic areas, the environment needs to be convenient, and safe and cater to everyone’s needs. Platform lifts can be a great cost-effective option for an accessible lift installation. For a smaller commercial building, platform lifts are great as they require minimal space, and give great access to wheelchair users.  Our experienced lift engineers can service, repair, refurbish or install lifts of all types in all types of buildings.


This is a space you may not have considered for lift installation. Many people may not even realise that lifts are suitable for outdoor locations. You may have come across outdoor lifts in car parks. Wheelchair lifts in parks can make more spaces accessible to all members of the public. Modern staircases can be fitted with wheelchair lift, or a platform lift can make a steep park more accessible and or enjoyable for those with limited mobility. Lift technology has come a long way in the last 20 years since Elevators Ltd began, who knows what we’ll be installing  and where in 2042!

Here at Elevators Ltd, we stock a wide range of high-quality passenger lifts, car stacking lifts and wheelchair lifts. After all, accessibility is heavily dependent on the implementation of modern contraptions like the elevator. To find out more information about the different places that need an elevator, get in contact with the best lift company on the market today!