Here at Elevators Ltd, we think about lifts on a daily basis however its only right to assume that the average person, like yourself, won’t pay much attention to them when you are out and about living your life. After all, they are convenient and always on hand when you need them. Why else would you need to think about them in your spare time? With over 9000 elevators in use every day in the UK alone, it’s easy to see that they play a big part in our lives which is why we decided to tell you a few fact about them in this blog post…

  1. Every three days, all of the elevators in the world will carry the equivalent of the world’s population and with the figure hitting 7.5 billion in April 2017, that is a lot of elevator trips! In fact, this means that there are around 325 million journeys that are carried out every single day.


  1. The term elevator music was coined in the 1920’s when lifts were first introduced as a mainstream piece of machinery. Since they were new, people were scared of stepping into and placing their life in the hands of primitive technology so they decided to add relaxing music to try and help people get used to them.


  1. During ancient times the Roman Colosseum had 24 operational and fully functioning elevators. The only difference was the way they were operated as these were controlled manually with the slave labour of over 200 men and women. Thankfully, we have adapted since then and leave it to technology and machinery in 2017.

We like to think that these facts are just the tip of the iceberg! After all, there are hundreds of interesting tips, tricks and handy pieces of information we could tell you about the elevator. If you’re in need of an expert lift engineer, get in contact with Elevators Ltd and tell us all about it!