There really should be a film about elevators. The amount of people that have been stuck and left stranded in a lift is worrying and we do often question where the lift company’s engineers are, or at least the fire rescue team. When we receive a phone call to say that passengers are trapped in a lift, we’ll send out our lift engineers immediately and reassure the passengers on the phone that help is on its way, keeping them calm. The emergency call button is there for a reason and it connects straight through to the lift company, well at least it should do anyway. We can’t tell you what happens in a lift when it breaks down and the process the passengers go through to get help, but when someone is stuck in there for 4 days, it does throw you back a bit.

Poor Thomas Fleetwood was trapped in the lift in his hotel for four days with no food or water and to top off the situation, he left his mobile phone so he couldn’t alert anyone. Fortunately, the 58 year old was able to survive this traumatic ordeal due to his military training and remained calm throughout. It was the first time that the lift in the Hotel Eden had broken down, so naturally Mr Fleetwood assumed he would be in safe hands. Nevertheless, he was trapped inside for 4 days and we’re not sure how this happened, or whether he pressed the emergency call button.

Although he attempted to take off the roof to climb out of the lift and broke a small glass panel at the front of the lift for air, his attempt failed. It was only when a friend noticed a pile of unopened letters outside the hotel that they realised that something was wrong. Fortunately, the emergency services were called out and Thomas Fleetwood was rescued.

We wouldn’t recommend attempting to break your way out of an elevator, but we do recommend pressing the emergency call button, you can press it as many times as you want. The line is directed to Elevators Ltd, so a member of our team will pick it up and we have emergency call outs too, so there is no need to panic. Fortunately, we carry out regular lift maintenance and are a reliable lift company in London.