We don’t tend to think too much into elevators on a daily basis as they are just there serving a purpose that we often take for granted. With more than 900,000 elevators being used every day in America alone, elevators are far more important in our lives than we care to admit. Here are 5 interesting fact about elevators…

  1. According to statistics, travelling by elevator is 20 times safer than using escalators. In fact, elevators are said to be more safer than motor vehicles as statistics shows that an average of 26 people will die in an elevator each year where as 26 people die in a car crash every five hours.
  1. Within three days, the world’s elevators will carry the equivalent of the earth’s population and with an estimated 7.4 billion people on the earth, that is a lot of elevator trips!
  1. During the 1920’s when elevators were becoming modernised and more easily accessible in the average building, many people were hesitant about going into a machine that was supposedly going to transport them between floors. Due to this, elevator music was added in order to relax passengers and became very popular over the years.
  1. During ancient times, there were 24 elevators in the Roman Colosseum which were operated manually by around 200 slaves.
  1. Mirrors are common in elevators as a means of keeping passengers occupied during the journey. This was because people would complain about the journey time when elevators were still relatively slow and mirrors tricked the mind, making it appear faster. They also relaxed people with claustrophobia.

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