Elevators are a creation that we take for granted and tend not to appreciate. They are there at the sight of nearly every staircase and we expect them to never vanish. Here at Elevators Ltd, we’ve put together our top 4 benefits to convince you why elevators are the way to go…

They save space

Elevators are considerably smaller than a flight of stairs which means that they will save a considerable amount of space. This is helpful when installing a lift in a car park where space in minimal and a certain amount of parking spaces have to be implemented.

Disability friendly

Many people who are disabled are not able to use stairs. Unfortunately, this lack of access provided for the minority means that they are limited to places where they can go. Having an elevator installed means that whatever service on offer is disabled and handicapped friendly.

Prevent accidents

There are over 1,000 deaths per year which result from people falling down stairs, particularly the elderly. An elevator helps to prevent this by giving those who are accident prone the opportunity to take a safer route to their destination.


Elevators simply look good. In an office or workplace, they scream professionalism; for shoppers in a shopping centre, they add to the design element and home elevators even look pretty stylish when the decor is adapted for their installation.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we are the best lift company Southampton has to offer and we think you’d be mad to miss out! Whether you’re looking for home lifts, commercial lifts or eco-friendly lifts, we can surely take you to the top floor! Get in contact today to find out more information!