The majority of British homeowners often presume that their property is unsuitable for a domestic lift installation. After all, the passenger elevators that are available for public use are often large and bulky. Luckily, residential alternatives have been designed with domestic use in mind in order to provide homeowners with a variety of benefits for an affordable price. Read on as we go over three things that clients investing in a domestic lift should remember to take into consideration…


The first thing that any homeowner considering a residential elevator should consider is the amount of space that their property has. After all, it is fairly easy to hide a lift behind a regular door, however, the shaft must be able to fit comfortably inside a home in order to ensure that the lift can operate safely and securely. As a result, smaller properties may be ineligible for a domestic lift unless the homeowner decides to replace their staircase entirely.


An elevator can be expensive for the average domestic homeowner which means that the budget of the client is one of the most important factors for a lift company to take into consideration. After all, some property owners may have more cash to work with than others. With this said, there is always a lift on the market for every client which means that even the smallest budget can get homeowners a high-quality domestic lift.


A domestic elevator is a popular purchase for properties with a lack of accessibility, such as old-fashioned British homes with traditional, steep staircases. As a result, it is important that any need for accessibility is taken into consideration during the design phase of the lift in order to ensure that it is fitted in an appropriate and easily accessible area. After all, there is very little point investing in a residential lift that won’t allow the user to retain their full independence.

It is safe to say that a domestic elevator is not an investment that one should make haphazardly. After all, the installation process can be disruptive which means it is important that homeowners make suitable arrangements in preparation for the building work. With this said, a domestic lift can provide homeowners with unmistakable accessibility and this can change the lives of those who may be struggling to navigate the different floors of their home. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!