Here at Elevators Ltd, we manufacturer all of our cab with safety in mind and put them through a rigorous testing phase in order to ensure that the mechanics are fit for use. With this said, many people tend to forget about the importance of internal features like handrails and how they can make or break the entire design of an elevator. Read on as we go over three important reasons why you will always find a handrail inside an elevator cab…

Why do the elderly need handrails?

Although the average elevator cab moves at a speed of just 3-5 m/s, the elderly is known for their lack of stability and that is why many of them walk around using canes. Since elevators can jolt slightly as they ascend and descend; a handrail is a very important safety tool that can be used by passengers that require extra support to stabilise their balance during a journey.

Do handrails improve elevator aesthetics?

Another reason why many elevators are fitted with handrails is down to their design. After all, it is possible to apply aesthetical alterations to the interior of a cab in order to make the best first impression on passengers. As a result, a handrail can be made from a range of different materials such as metal, wood or even plastic as a means to improve the aesthetic influence of an elevator.

Can handrails benefit the visually impaired?

The blind or visually impaired must often rely on the goodwill of strangers, vocal prompts or guide dogs in order to navigate their way around. With this said, the slight jolting nature of an elevator cab may cause a sudden loss of balance in those who may be otherwise challenged. As a result, a handrail can be a very effective way for the blind to understand their surroundings, especially when some elevator cabs have an entrance and an exit on opposite sides.

When the elevator was first designed, many were hesitant to put their life in the hands of the technology. After all, the features could fail if the upkeep and maintenance responsibilities that were required of property owners were not abided by. Luckily, modern cabs are designed with longevity which means that free-falling is merely a Hollywood highlight. In fact, a handrail provides stability for the disabled without affecting the safety of an elevator. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd about our safety promise today!