Elevators are a common implementation in modern society and although the interior design can differ considerably from cab to cab, the components within tend to be very similar. With this said, there are several lifts around the world known as scenic lifts that have exceeded expectations to become tourist attractions in their own right. Read on as we go over three of the most popular scenic lifts…


Found in the Radisson Blu hotel in Germany, the AquaDom is one of the world’s most famous scenic elevators. After all, an 82ft glass elevator surrounded by a fully functioning aquarium is particularly difficult to miss! With vibrant colours and almost 100 different species of fish, the AquaDom is the largest cylindrical tank in the world and provides passengers with a scenic experience like never before.

Bailong Elevator

As the world’s tallest outdoor lift, the Bailong Elevator scales a cliff edge in China that is a 1,070ft high! In fact, this impressively tall scenic elevator makes the AquaDom look particularly small in comparison. Passengers taking this lift are rewarded with views of a scenic valley below as well as long stretches of river, however it is important to note that the sheer height of the Bailong Elevator makes it a journey unsuitable for the faint hearted.

Autostadt Silo

Although passenger elevators with scenic designs are a feat of engineering, the Autostadt Silo in Germany has managed to create a revolutionary elevator for the storage of vehicles! In fact, this scenic lift attracts around 2 million tourists each year who come to marvel at the aesthetic design and partake in the other attractions on offer. Interestingly, the Autostadt Silo can hold up to 400 cars at any given time.

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