As the perfect solution for wheelchair accessibility, platform lifts are slowly becoming the next big thing on the elevator market. After all, they offer property owners the ability to transport both goods and passengers, which is essential in any industrial, residential or public use environment. Here at Elevators Ltd, we offer a variety of high-quality platform lifts that are easy to use, come with a low-maintenance guarantee and have the ability to travel up to 13-metres high. Read on as we go over three interesting things you never knew about platform lifts…


Since they cannot travel as far as other elevators, it is important that clients understand the versatility of the platform lift. After all, they can be used in a variety of different ways by a range of different people and can even be installed inside or outside of a property. This means that they offer the best value for money in comparison to other elevators.


Operating a platform elevator doesn’t require a degree in mechanics as the features couldn’t be easier to use. In fact, they are operated in a very similar way to passenger elevators through the use of buttons, however, the only exception is the doorway as platform lifts tend to opt for swinging manual doors rather than automatic ones.


Crafted from high-quality mechanics, a platform lift couldn’t be safer when it comes to everyday use. After all, they offer enough space to comfortably fit a wheelchair inside in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and have a weight requirement that is able to withstand the load of small deliveries in order to allow for the transportation of goods. This means that they are more than safe enough for use, even if the journey is a small one.

Whilst they cannot travel as high or as fast as a traditional passenger elevator, platform lifts offer people the opportunity to navigate a small staircase safely and independently. In fact, they are particularly beneficial for wheelchair users or parents with pushchairs. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company on the market and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team about our platform lifts today!