Although modern elevators as we know and use them today are the direct result of almost two centuries worth of design and development, humans have been using basic models since the beginning of recorded history. After all, the Romans would transport heavy items between the different floors of buildings using slave labour and a primitive rope and pulley system. Read on as the team here at Elevators Ltd go over 3 facts our readers may not know about elevators…

Some of the buttons in an elevator don’t work

The interior of every lift is fitted with a button for each floor which should work without fault. With this said, there are also buttons that are in place to close the doors which are there for nothing more than aesthetics. After all, the doors of a lift are controlled on a timer and the buttons provide a placebo affect for passengers who can use it in order to feel like they are closing the doors faster.

Elevator Muzak was created during the 1920’s

When elevators were first introduced to the general public and became a common implementation in society, there was an undisputed fear about their safety. As a result, elevator Muzak was introduced in order to relax passengers and create a much more enjoyable journey. In fact, it was used in hotel, office and shopping centre lifts for almost 50 years until the rise of pop music managed to overtake its popularity.

Skyscrapers are only possible thanks to elevator technology

Many cities are fitted with skyscrapers that climb over one hundred stories and boast impressive heights that our 19th century ancestors could only imagine. With this said, many people are unaware that skyscrapers are only possible thanks to the reliability of high-quality traction elevator systems. After all, modern hydraulic elevators are too slow and energy reliant to transport passengers to such heights.

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