As one of the most important investments a property owner can make, the team here at Elevators Ltd ensure that our lifts are inspected before and after installation in order to confirm that they are fit for use. With this said, there are a variety of different components that clients should take into consideration when selecting a lift for their property as the cost of an elevator can be influenced by several factors. Read on as we go over the top three…

Operating System

An elevator can be purchased with one of two operating systems: traction and hydraulics. Although both are able to provide excellent transportation services between the different floors of a building, traction is the most common system which makes it incredibly affordable and this means that it is often cheaper to purchase. On the other hand, hydraulic systems use gravity in order to control the descent of a cab which makes them more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

Building Height

An elevator must be fitted into a shaft when it is installed and many property owners are unaware that the cab dimensions must be larger for taller buildings, particularly when the cab must travel an extended distance. As a result, the installation costs can be much higher for taller buildings, particularly when it comes to a lift for a skyscraper compared to a lift for a small hotel.

Cabin Size

As common sense may suggest, the installation of an elevator and its associated costs can also be influenced by the size of the cab itself. After all, smaller residential elevators tend to be much easier to install and often require less space whereas large passenger lifts, such as those found in shopping centres, can be more difficult to install without causing noticeable disturbance. With this said, this is merely a guideline and the opposite is often true on many occasions.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we want our clients to get the best value for money when investing in an elevator. After all, it is safe to say that a large passenger elevator is going to cost more than a small domestic lift, however the operating system, level of automation and even the aesthetical design of the cab’s interior are all factors that can affect the cost of an elevator too. As the best lift company on the market, we work closely with our clients to help them find the lift that is most appropriate for their budget. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!