Here at Elevators Ltd, we have been called out to our fair share of elevator emergencies. After all, an elevator is a piece of mechanical equipment and this means that there are bound to be a few mishaps over its lifespan. With this said, there are some instances when a problem is considered an emergency rather than a maintenance necessity. Read on as we go over a few circumstances when you should call out the emergency engineers…


When the platform of an elevator cab doesn’t fall in line with the floor, this is known as mis-levelling. Although a slight mishap in the levelling can be forgiven and easily rectified during routine maintenance and servicing, a sudden and severe mis-level requires the expertise of an emergency engineer. After all, this can progress quickly and become a major safety risk for passengers. Luckily, the cause is often easily rectified.

Door Sensors

Most elevators are fitted with sensors in the doorway in order to ensure that passengers do not get trapped by the closing doors. With this said, damage to these sensors can affect the safety of an elevator. In fact, sometimes the doors may fail to close properly and seal off the shaft, creating a serious fall risk. If you have noticed that your elevator doors are failing to respond to the sensors or close properly, it is considered an emergency and should be looked at by an engineer.


Sometimes elevators fall victim to intentional vandalism and damage and whilst smashed mirrors and graffiti aren’t a major cause for certain, damage to the electrical system of the cab should be inspected by a qualified engineer. After all, it is important to ensure that the vandals haven’t caused damage that could put passengers at risk. In fact, elevator vandalism is on the rise and thus, many property owners are actually investing in CCTV for the interior of their elevator cabs in order to deter criminals/catch them in the act.

It is important to invest in the maintenance of your elevator. After all, they are much less likely to suffer a from a mechanical breakdown when there is regular servicing in place. With this said, it is vital that an elevator owner can distinguish between a maintenance necessity and a mechanical emergency as one can wait, whereas the other is a potential safety risk. Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a 24 hours emergency callout service every single day of the year! To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around today!