Here at Elevators Ltd, we spend a significant amount of time emphasising the importance of maintenance. After all, it is there in order to ensure that an elevator is in a safe and operational condition whilst the technician also actively searches for minor areas of concern that could use repair work. Read on as we go through three of the most common issues found during an elevator inspection…

Worn Sheaves

A traction elevator is fitted with a dozen strong steel cables that are placed on top of something called a sheave. These parts work hand in hand in order to suspend the cab and allow it to travel between the different floors of a building. With this said, the sheaves undergo a lot of continual use which means that they can become worn over time, putting a higher workload on the cables. Thankfully, this problem is often caught early during routine maintenance and inspections.

Power Fault

An elevator requires a lot of power in order to keep it functioning and this means that an issue with the voltage in a building can have a direct impact on an elevator. After all, if there isn’t enough power then the cab cannot function as intended. Luckily, a power quality survey conducted during routine maintenance will often pick up on any faults like this.

Broken Bearings

As one of the most important parts of an elevator motor, it is very important to ensure that the bearings are in tip top condition. Luckily, it is relatively easy to spot when they are under distress because they will often make unusual or concerning noises that interfere with the smooth operation of the elevator. By spotting this early during an inspection, inductive absorbers can be installed that will prevent high energy costs from developing.

Without regular and high-quality lift maintenance, it is virtually impossible to keep an elevator in tip top condition. After all, a fully functioning system is what guarantees the safety and security of passengers and staying on top of necessary repair work can also keep maintenance costs down. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!