Here at Elevators Ltd, we want to provide our clients with value for money that they can trust. With this said, the company is just as important as the product itself and that is why the team that is hired to carry out a service must be able to accurately represent their employer and the company ethos effectively. Here at Elevators Ltd, our engineers are fully accredited. Read on as we go over three characteristics that every trustworthy lift engineer should possess…


It is safe to say that the internal components of a functioning elevator are intricate which means that an engineer should always possess the necessary qualifications to carry out repair work. After all, the smallest mistake could deem a lift unfit for use and may land property owners with a hefty replacement bill. As a result, it is important that customers always question engineering companies about their certifications as an engineer who dismisses a client’s request to view their qualifications may very well be a conman.


With this said, having a qualification to one’s name does not always make them an effective engineer. After all, it takes many years to grasp the art of elevator engineering which means that a newly qualified team member should never be allowed to work solo on complicated repair jobs. After all, the knowledge of an experienced engineer will ensure that every task is completed promptly and safely. In addition to this, a tradesperson with a detailed industry history is often more reliable and trustworthy from the perspective of the customer.


Although the main role of an elevator engineer is to inspect and repair the mechanical components, it is important that every client receives a high-quality service that they can rely on. As a result, honesty is an important characteristic of customer service and engineers should never bend the truth of an official elevator report in order to avoid upsetting the client as this may put their safety at risk.

In order to abide by our company ethos, the team here at Elevators Ltd are fully qualified to deal with each and every lift related query. In fact, we provide highly practical and detailed consultations from industry experts who have over 50 years combined experience in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of different elevators. To find out more information about our engineers, get in contact with the best lift company on the market and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!