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The Importance of Elevator Etiquette

It is safe to say that the British public have mastered the art of queuing, however it is just as important that we apply similar rules to other public places. After all, etiquette is the customary code of polite behaviour and it is just as necessary in elevators as it is around the dining table. [...]

3 Safety Tips for Wheelchair Lifts

The number of wheelchair users in the UK continues to increase each year which means that public buildings must ensure that they implement a reliable form of transportation. With this said, some properties are too small for a traditional passenger elevator which is why wheelchair lifts are a popular alternative. Here at Elevators Ltd, our [...]

Do Elevators Need to be Cleaned?

Although elevators are often seen as a piece of machinery that require regular maintenance in order to keep them in tip top condition, it is also vital that the interior of the cabs are kept in a sanitary condition too. After all, it is thought that hundreds of different people will use a single cab [...]

3 Interesting Scenic Elevators

Elevators are a common implementation in modern society and although the interior design can differ considerably from cab to cab, the components within tend to be very similar. With this said, there are several lifts around the world known as scenic lifts that have exceeded expectations to become tourist attractions in their own right. Read [...]

The Advantages of Home Elevators

Although elevators are commonly found in public places like shopping centres, office buildings and even multi-story car parks, many people are still opposed to the idea of residential alternatives. After all, public lifts tend to be large, bulky and expensive. Luckily, the domestic variety manages to tick a lot of boxes whilst improving accessibility at [...]

The Benefits of MRL Lifts

It is safe to say that the elevator industry has grown exponentially over the past two centuries as many scientists are now researching the possibility of horizontal elevators controlled by magnet technology. In fact, it is very likely that the creator of the emergency lift brake, Elisha Graves Otis, wouldn’t recognise a 21st century lift! [...]

3 Characteristics of a Trustworthy Elevator Engineer

Here at Elevators Ltd, we want to provide our clients with value for money that they can trust. With this said, the company is just as important as the product itself and that is why the team that is hired to carry out a service must be able to accurately represent their employer and the [...]

The Lowdown on Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair elevator, also known as an inclined platform lift, is an indoor and outdoor solution for accessibility that is both affordable and practical. After all, they take up very little space due to their ability to fold to the side when they are not in use and are designed with safety compliance in mind. [...]

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