3 Characteristics of Energy Efficient Lifts

Every high-rise property owner
will understand the costs that are involved in elevator ownership. After all,
it can be relatively expensive to have multiple lifts running at the same time
even when they are in tip top condition. As a result, eco-friendly and
energy-efficient designs have started to increase in popularity as property
owners search for more efficient alternatives. […]

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The Lowdown on Lift Modernisation

Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe
that lift modernisation is just as important as lift maintenance. After all,
the mechanical components within an elevator must be inspected regularly by a
qualified engineer and repaired as and when required. After all, fully-functioning
components and an aesthetical interior are the most fool-proof way to make the
best first impression. Read on […]

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3 Ways That Elevators Have Changed the World

Although modern elevators as we know them today are the
product of the last two centuries, we have been using the idea of the elevator
for longer than we realise. In fact, Ancient Greeks would use a primitive rope
and pulley system that was powered through slave labour in order to transport
materials over high cliff edges and […]

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The Popularity of Home Elevators

The majority of residential properties in the UK were built
during the early 20th century which means that they are small,
poorly designed and ineffective for the elderly and disabled, who often find
themselves confined to the ground floor of their own home like a prisoner.
Luckily, home elevators have managed to take over the industry like never
before. […]

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The Different Types of Elevator Inspections

As a piece of man-made equipment,
an elevator requires a lot of attention to detail from a qualified professional
in order to ensure that the moving parts stay in tip top condition. After all,
general wear and tear may be impossible to prevent but regular maintenance and
routine inspections will ensure that it doesn’t lead to an expensive […]

How to Use a Home Elevator Safely

The popularity of the home
elevator increases with each year as more and more residential property owners
choose to invest in accessibility. After all, many British homes are built with
steep staircases that can leave the elderly or wheelchair dependant stranded on
the ground floor of their own home. Luckily, a home elevator can be installed
at an affordable […]

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Traction Lift

As the most common elevator on the market, traction systems
are known for their durability, responsivity and smoothness. Here at Elevators
Ltd, we stock both traction and hydraulic elevators, however, we want our clients
to ensure that they understand the unique characteristics of both setups. After
all, there are several differences that property owners should be aware of.
Read […]

The Lifespan of an Elevator

Before an investment in a brand-new elevator system is
finalised, it is important that the property owner understands what they are
getting. After all, we emphasise value for money at every opportunity in order
to ensure that our clients invest in a lift system that is able to meet the
needs of their property and the passengers that […]

The Benefits of Cargo Lifts

Although they may look the same,
there are several distinct differences between a traditional passenger elevator
and a service elevator. Here at Elevators Ltd, our cargo lifts are designed in
order to withstand demanding and regular usage and allow warehouses and other
cargo-holding properties to safely and securely transport goods between the
different floors of a building. Read on […]