The Importance of Elevator Load Testing

Since elevators are mechanical
pieces of equipment, they require routine testing and servicing from a licenced
engineer in order to ensure that they are in tip top condition all year round.
After all, a problem can develop with subtlety which means that the property
owners may not realise that an elevator is damaged until the problem has
developed in […]

Why Elevators Are Dangerous in a Fire

From skyscrapers to accessibility, the elevator is a modern
contraption that provides a variety of benefits within society. After all, many
people couldn’t travel between the floors of a building without them. With this
said, there are a handful of situations when we should abandon the idea of the
elevator and opt for the stairs instead, such as […]

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3 Signs an Elevator Cab Needs to be Repaired

With the right care and maintenance, an elevator can provide
several decades worth of service. After all, these man-made contraptions are
designed with reliability and longevity in mind in order to ensure that
property owners receive the best value for money on their investment. With this
said, mechanical installations cannot regulate their own maintenance which
means that an engineer […]

3 Elevator Features That Ensure Disability Safety

Here at Elevators Ltd, we recognise that the elevator plays a
vital role in society by allowing those afflicted with a disability to retain
their independence and travel between the different floors of a building
unattended. With this said, public buildings were not always so accommodating,
and it was only following the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 […]

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Interesting Facts About Glass Elevators

From traction to hydraulics, it is safe to say that the
mechanical system that a property owner chooses when it comes to an elevator
investment is incredibly important. With this said, the passenger does not see
these moving components which means that interior aesthetics are often
emphasised in order to make the best first impression, particularly in hotels
and […]

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Busting the Big Myths About Residential Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we recognise that the internet offers
homeowners instant results to the questions that they may have about our
industry. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of incorrect and misleading
information available online that can cause potential clients to make an
expensive investment that isn’t suitable for their property or their budget. In
order to set the […]

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The Lowdown on Pope Francis’ Elevator Turmoil

Even a well-maintained elevator is subject to general wear
and tear, however, the likelihood of being trapped inside a broken-down cab is
very slim. After all, the components that make up an elevator and assist with
its smooth-running are designed with longevity in mind, even when the basic
care requirements are barely being met. With this said, the […]

3 Elevator Beliefs That Are Complete Fiction

Here at Elevators Ltd, we want our readers to make the most
out of their investment in a brand-new passenger elevator, however, the
internet can present a variety of challenges due to the number of myths that
circulate from website to website. After all, this information is something
that is often endorsed by various business owners who fail […]

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