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The Consequences of a Lack of Elevator Maintenance

The elevator is made up of a variety of different components that work in harmony with one another by relying on both physics and mechanics. As a result, they must be meticulously maintained by an experienced and high-quality engineer in order to ensure that each part is in tip top condition and safe for use. [...]

3 Common Places Elevators Are Found

Here at Elevators Ltd, we are more than familiar with the installation process that is undertaken in order to fit a brand-new lift into a property. After all, it is vital that the work is carried out by a licenced professional with the skills and experience to get the job done to the highest standard [...]

Reasons to Invest in Elevator Maintenance

The elevator is a man-made piece of mechanical technology and this means that maintenance is a fundamental necessity in order to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition. After all, once a problem develops within an elevator, it isn’t going to go away without the expertise of an experienced engineer. With this said, some clients [...]

Signs It’s Time to Replace an Elevator

Although the average elevator is designed to last for several decades, it is important to remember that they are man-made pieces of technology and this means that they are vulnerable to wear and tear as they age. In fact, an elevator cab will eventually need replacing when routine maintenance and servicing becomes futile. Read on [...]

The Lowdown on the Bailong Elevator

Although the elevator is thought to be just under 200 years old, we rely on them considerably in order navigate the tall buildings that fill our cities. In fact, it is thought that the invention of the elevator itself is what lead to the creation of skyscrapers as we cannot travel between the different floors [...]

The Lowdown on Sideways Elevators

As an easy to understand piece of technology, the majority of people in the modern world have used an elevator at one time or another in their lives. After all, it involves the movement of well-designed mechanisms that move a cab up and down a shaft in order to safely transport passengers between the different [...]

3 Reasons to Get a Dumbwaiter

As one of the smallest elevators on the market, it is important to remember that the dumbwaiter is not intended for human use. After all, they are incredibly small in size and although a weight capacity of 250 pounds sounds like a lot, this is a drastic difference considering that the average passenger elevator is [...]

Tourist Attractions That Use Elevators

In a world surrounded by skyscrapers, it is important that we remember the reason why they exist. After all, it would be impossible to reach such heights so quickly without the implementation of the modern elevator and thanks to Elisha Grave Otis’ emergency brake system, elevators are safer than ever. Over the years, our buildings [...]

A Quick Guide to Elevator Buttons

It is no secret that the design of the elevator is something that has been carefully planned over decades of trial and error. After all, even the infamous emergency safety brake that was invented in the mid 1850’s has been drastically improved upon in order to ensure that each elevator is safe for use. Elevator [...]

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