The Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Lifts

It is no secret that energy usage
has hit an all-time high in recent years as more and more people are opting for
mechanical alternatives like automation. In fact, even elevators require a
significant amount of energy in order to operate and that is why we like to
emphasise the benefits that environmentally friendly lift can offer at […]

3 Interesting Facts About Platform Lifts

As the perfect solution for
wheelchair accessibility, platform lifts are slowly becoming the next big thing
on the elevator market. After all, they offer property owners the ability to
transport both goods and passengers, which is essential in any industrial,
residential or public use environment. Here at Elevators Ltd, we offer a
variety of high-quality platform lifts that are […]

The Safety Features in an Elevator

Although the modern elevator is
said to be safer than a car, many people are still afraid of putting their
‘life on the line’ in order to use one. After all, over exaggeration in films
has left many worried about the likelihood of a free-fall and those with
claustrophobia or cleithrophobia are scared of what could happen rather […]

Advantages of a Dumbwaiter in the Home

Although the dumbwaiter is commonly
associated with the service industry and can be found in restaurants and
hotels, more and more residential property owners are choosing to have them
installed too. In fact, large old-fashioned homes tend to come with an
outdated, but easily modernised, dumbwaiter already implemented into the
floorplan. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that that […]

How to Improve Residential Accessibility

The majority of properties in the
UK were built during the 19th and 20th century which
means that they many suffer from aged building techniques. In fact, life
expectancy is also on the rise which means that it is becoming more and more
apparent that accessibility focused homes are what the public requires.
Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to […]

Elevators and Equality Act Compliance

The modern elevator as we know it
today is still considered a relatively new invention, however, there is no
doubt that it has managed to benefit society in a variety of ways. In fact,
they are now so common that the average person will come across a lift multiple
times a day, whether they use it or not, […]

Are Elevator Aesthetics Important?

In a society that becomes more
obsessed with the way things look each day, more and more property owners are
starting to consider the aesthetical value of their elevator. After all,
outdated designs are no longer considered vintage in the eyes of the prying
public and the internet can make it difficult to rid businesses of bad first
impressions. […]

3 Common Problems Found During Elevator Inspections

Here at Elevators Ltd, we spend a
significant amount of time emphasising the importance of maintenance. After
all, it is there in order to ensure that an elevator is in a safe and operational
condition whilst the technician also actively searches for minor areas of
concern that could use repair work. Read on as we go through three […]

The Lowdown on the Autostadt Silos

When it comes to the world of
elevators, many people fail to think beyond the average passenger lift found in
a shopping centre. Interestingly, there are actually dozens upon dozens of
weird and wonderful elevators on the market, including giant aquariums with
live fish and cabs that manage to reach speeds of 22mph! Read on as the team
here […]