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Explaining Elevator Induced Dizziness

As one of the most practical inventions of the 19th century, the elevator certainly plays an integral role in how modern society functions. In fact, it is safe to say that we would be lost without their presence. With this said, many people are still reluctant to use them due the strange feeling that they [...]

Things People Misunderstand About Elevators

Although elevators have been around for over a century, there is still a lot that the average person doesn’t know about them. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients understand the investment they are about to make. After all, misconceptions can be a dangerous thing to [...]

Are Horizontal Elevators Realistic?

Ever since we mastered the technology for the vertical elevator, scientists have been busy trying to revolutionise the mechanics in order to take us in every direction possible. After all, it seems that going up and down just isn’t enough in the 21st century! Here at Elevators Ltd, we may specialise in the traditional elevator [...]

How to Stay Safe in an Elevator

The majority of people believe that the most dangerous thing about an elevator would be free-falling. Interestingly, you are almost 10 times more likely to suffer a road traffic accident than find yourself in such an elevator related peril. In fact, the majority of elevator related injuries come from accidents and mistakes rather than faults [...]

Everything you Need to Know About the AquaDom

There are many extravagant elevators in the world that are known as ‘scenic lifts’. By implementing high quality technology and using design to their advantage, these elevators have become infamous in their own right. In fact, one of the most popular scenic lifts is the AquaDom, which can be found in Germany. In this blog, [...]

The History of the Home Elevator

Whilst society would now struggle to function without the implementation of the elevator, especially when it comes to those with mobility issues, a hundred years ago the elevator we know of today didn’t exist. In fact, the thought of having one inside your home was preposterous. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that the home [...]

Biggest Myths About Home Elevators

As the most misunderstood type of elevator on the market, many people tend to prejudge the benefits of a home elevator. After all, they are not just an aesthetic feature sought after by the wealthy, they are also a source of independence for the disabled. In order to ensure that our readers are able to [...]

The Benefits of Elevator Advertising

With the rise of technology, businesses have been looking for new and exciting ways to advertise their services. After all, not everybody uses social media and this means that it is important to find innovative methods that are going to target every member of society. One of the most recent implementations has got to be [...]

The Elevator Themed Roller Coaster

Since the invention of the elevator, society has become dependent on their presence. After all, they are a staple in shopping centres, hotels, apartment buildings and even residential homes. When the facts are laid out, it is clear to see that it was only a matter of time until the humble elevator became the focus [...]

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