Monthly Archives: August 2018

What Are Epoxy Elevator Cabins?

Since their conception in the late 1800s, elevators have developed alongside modern technology into a contraption that our ancestors would find hard to believe. After all, a simple push of a button in the Empire State Building can take people 86 floors high in less than two minutes! With this said, there are many other [...]

The Fastest Elevators in the World

They may have only been around for one hundred years, but modern society would surely be lost without the elevator. After all, we rely on them more than we realise, and skyscrapers would be a mere fantasy without their technology. Here at Elevators Ltd we may only specialise in regular lifts however we love learning [...]

The Importance of Disability Lifts

Society has a bad reputation of catering to those who find it easy to get from location to location with ease. After all, many disabilities are often invisible to those simply passing by. With this said, statistics from 2010 show that over 11 million people in the UK suffer with some kind of chronic illness [...]

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