Monthly Archives: May 2018

Is Elevator Overcrowding Dangerous?

From annual music festivals to daily work commutes, there are many different places that overcrowding is known to be commonplace. After all, the more people who use a service the more likely it is going to reach capacity. When it comes to elevators however there is always a worry that overcrowding will become a dangerous [...]

Elevator Maintenance FAQ’s

When it comes to elevator maintenance, it is always best to ensure that you know exactly what you are receiving. After all, taking care of the mechanics of your elevator is incredibly important when it comes to both safety and performance and the team here at Elevators Ltd want to ensure that our clients are [...]

What Happened To Elevator Operators

With technology on the rise and modernisation taking hold of every industry on the planet, it is only expected that elevators have a hidden past that very few people under 60 years old know about. After all, the advancements of modern elevators as we know them today ultimately made the need for elevator operators redundant [...]

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