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Why Elevators Have Handrails

There are certain things in life that we tend not to question. After all, they are the norm and society has learnt to rely on their presence. Take handrails inside elevators as an example; nobody knows when they were first installed or why they were added to the design. With this said, the team here [...]

The Craziest Elevators in the World

When most people imagine an elevator they will picture a basic design that travels up and down, allowing passengers to get to the floor they desire in a building. After all, this is how the majority of elevators in the world can be found. With this said, there are a few crazy exceptions located around [...]

Home Elevator vs Stair Lift

It isn’t hard to notice that many of the homes in the UK were not built with the elderly in mind. After all, the steep and narrow staircases are not exactly fall-proof. Luckily, there are a few solutions on the market that can help keep your grandparents safe whilst allowing them to maintain their independence. [...]

When Is The Perfect Time To Modernise Your Elevator?

Elevators are the basis to any great building, and help people transport throughout your building with ease. However, elevators aren’t invincible and will need to have repairs to them to maintain their high standard. There are many factors to consider when looking at your elevator, to whether it’s still in its prime working condition, or [...]

Making Homes Safe for the Elderly

The rise of life expectancy means that the UK has hundreds of thousands of elderly people living in homes that are simply unsuitable. After all, the steep and narrow staircases that were built in the early 20th century were not made with an ageing population in mind. Luckily there are several ways you can make [...]

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