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Most Luxurious Elevators in the World

Elevators can perhaps be seen as man-made cages built to take passengers up and down several stories in buildings. In fact, it is likely that the average person will only use a simple modern elevator- however, unknown to many, there are many different kinds of luxurious lifts around the world which offer a far more [...]

Why Are Elevator Pranks So Popular

You can find almost anything on the internet. From cats playing the piano to a man getting emotional over a phenomenal double rainbow- it’s safe to say that videos on the web seem to have no limit. YouTubers will try almost anything to get their video to go viral or to persuade more viewers to [...]

The Benefits of Using Service Lifts

Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a wide range of products and services that are all designed to provide our customers with the lift solution they’ve been searching for. Whether it’s a standard passenger lift, a platform lift or a car parking solution, we are able to provide for a range of different applications. It [...]

How To Tell If Your Elevator Is Faulty

There’s not much worse than working in an enormous, multi-storey office block and arriving on a Monday morning to find that the elevator has broken down. This leads to a lot of huffing and puffing- first in annoyance at the situation, then eventually due to the subsequent climb up the steps. It can put a [...]

Elevator Vandalism

The topic of elevator related vandalism is not one that is often discussed. After all, people very rarely target lifts in such situations. With this said it doesn’t means that the damage isn’t taking place and here at Elevators Ltd we think that it is our duty to help our readers in every way we [...]

Why Elevator Interior Design Matters

When it comes to interior design many people often take their foot off the gas pedal. After all, as long as the technology operates smoothly it doesn’t matter what the inside looks like – right? Here at Elevators Ltd, we think the interior of your elevator is more important than you think! Here at a [...]

The Benefits of Machine Room-less Elevators

An elevator that comes without a room above it is a type of traction lift that places the hoisting machine inside the wall at the top or bottom of the structure. It is installed using permanent magnets and opts for steel cord ropes for security. However, as there are two types of traction elevators it [...]

Best Elevator Movie Scenes

It is hard to deny that the big screen loves an elevator scene. Whether it be a blossoming romance or a ghastly homicide, the elevator has a big premise in the industry. Whilst we cannot say that we have worked on such projects, the team here at Elevators Ltd want to take a look into [...]

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