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The Pros and Cons of a Disabled Lift

The world is a large place which means that a range of different people exist. Here at Elevators Ltd we want to ensure that our range of lifts are able to cater to the society that lives among us in 2017 and we are proud to promote our disabled lift range. One of the main [...]

The Lowdown on Lift Maintenance

An elevator is made up of complex technology that cannot run without human interference. This means that regular and high quality maintenance has to be provided in order to ensure that the lift remains in tip top condition. In fact, you would be surprised how simple the maintenance that is necessary actually is. In order [...]

The Rules of Elevator Etiquette

Here at Elevators Ltd we are experts when it comes to the maintenance and construction of the perfect elevator. After all, it’s what the team are trained and educated for. When it comes to etiquette however it is important to recognise that it does not take a professional degree or course to learn how to [...]

How You Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When we decided to sell up and move to a different home the best case scenario is often revolved around selling the current property for a reasonable price that isn’t much below what was originally paid. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible and many homeowners end up loosing quite a lot of money. Luckily there are [...]

Changing the World One Elevator at a Time

Let’s face it, without elevators the modern society we are so dependent on would crumble. In fact, elevators have done a lot to change the way that the world operates, especially when it comes to urban city environments. After all, high rise buildings would be impossible without these contraptions. Read on to find out how [...]

Combating Elevator Claustrophobia

As far as elevators go they are best avoided by people who suffer from extreme claustrophobia. After all, if your worst nightmare is being locked inside a cubed box without any means of escape until the doors open, you’re best taking the stairs. Or are you? Recent studies have shown that this inconvenient yet extremely [...]

Elevator Decoration Tips

Installing an elevator inside your home can be an exciting new time, especially if it is an addition that you have been waiting on for quite some time. With this said the industrial look is not for everybody and can really pull away from the look of your home. Luckily there is a solution! Here [...]

Elevator Predictions for 2018

It may still be November, however the team here at Elevators Ltd love to be prepared which is why we have been looking into some of the top elevator related prediction for next year. After all, trends are always changing, and the customer’s preferences will always be fluttering. Here are some of the top ideas… [...]

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