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Let’s Talk About the Different Lift Types Part 3

There are many different people in this world which is why we think it is important to ensure that you can provide a product suitable for every type of client. From platform lifts that allow those in a wheelchair to move around with independence to the Eco-friendly lifts that are perfect for those looking to [...]

Why We All Hate The Stairs

As a population it is hard to deny that we have become lazy and reliant on technology far too much. From our ability to avoid walking at all cost to the ease of ordering items online, it is astonishing how far we have come in our aim to do as little as possible. With this [...]

Let’s Talk About The Different Lift Types- Part 2

Being able to define each lift purpose from one another is a skill that the Elevators Ltd team have picked up over several years’ worth of experience. After all, there is nothing worse than making all your decisions only to find that you missed out a vital part of the puzzle. In this blog series [...]

Let’s Talk About The Different Lift Types- Part 1

Here at Elevators Ltd we are the experts when it comes to all things lift related which means that we know a lot more than the average person. In fact, many people think that there are only a handful of different elevators to choose from when in actual fact there are dozens of types, styles [...]

Questions to Ask Before Your Elevator Installation

Planning is the most important aspect of having an elevator installed in your home or building which is why it is always advised that you consult the professionals before going ahead with your build. After all, you have to ensure that you make all the correct decisions ahead of time so that nothing is left [...]

Elevators and Fires

Being trapped inside a tall building in the event of a fire can be a scary concept and the fear that follows may cause us to make decisions that put our lives in danger, such as deciding to take the elevator in order to beat the crowds that will be rushing for the stairs. As [...]

Children and Elevator Safety

As adults we are able to assess a situation and understand immediately when something is considered dangerous however many children experiment with the world first hand, often getting themselves into some worrying situation. Take elevators for example. Using one is considered much safer than using a motor vehicle however injuries can take place when the [...]

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