Monthly Archives: July 2017

Ladder Safety in the Elevator Industry

Contrary to belief, working within and around elevators can actually be quite a dangerous career choice. After all, a lot of the work includes using a ladder and the majority of people know how hazardous a potential fall from one may be. In fact, the threat of falling whilst mounting, dismounting and climbing a ladder [...]

Elevators vs Stairs Around the World

It is said that taking the stairs is a healthy alternative to the elevator however the people who make these statements often ignore the places around the world where taking the stairs involves over 50 floors worth of climbing! Here at Elevators Ltd, we are a firm believer that taking the elevator makes your life [...]

Avoiding an Awkward Elevator Ride

We’ve all experienced an awkward elevator ride to the top floor of a building. Most of the time it is just you and another person, sometimes it is you and multiple people and other times it is you and several people entering and existing. No matter the situation, for some reason it is always awkward. [...]

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