Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Future of Elevators

In 2017, it appears that elevators have advanced to their highest point possible. After all, we can now travel between 88 floors in 2 minutes and have created some of the smoothest and safest machinery available. The team here at Elevators Ltd however are always interested in learning more about our industry and in this [...]

Mind-Blowing Elevator Facts

Elevators are an amazing contraption that the everyday working individual takes for granted. They take us up between floors, to the top of buildings and make life subconsciously much easier for us. Here at Elevators Ltd, lifts are our speciality and in this blog, we’re going to tell you a couple of mind blowing facts [...]

Famous Movie Elevators

Elevators are a very well-known concept that are used in the vast majority of developed countries around the world. Their complex design has developed over the years from rope pulleys to the highly technological pieces of machinery we know today. Some of the most extraordinary tourist attractions around the world are even elevators! In literary [...]

How Much Do We Really Know About Modern Elevators?

As they are such an ingrained part of our lives, it is hard to believe that there are things we don’t already know about the modern elevator- however the team here at Elevators Ltd always love to shock our readers! In this blog, we’re going to question how much we all really know about this [...]

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