Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Fear of Elevators

The fear of elevators has no official name and is not considered a recognised ‘phobia’- however it is a relatively common type of fear that many people hold.  As elevators are our speciality here at Elevators Ltd, it only right that we research everything and anything to do with our product. In this blog, we’re [...]

Benefits of a Home Elevator

You may be wondering how a home in the UK could possibly benefit from a private lift installed inside their home. After all, aren’t these luxury items reserved only for the rich and fortunate? Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re here to tell you the answer is most definitely no! In fact, more and more people [...]

The Scariest Lifts in the World

For those afraid of heights, you might want to avoid the following elevators situated around the globe! Despite this, it is safe to say that sometimes the journey we take is better than the destination we arrive at and these elevators surely prove it! The following lifts are not only jaw dropping but scarily high. [...]

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