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Elevator Terminology

Elevators are a creation we all tend to take advantage of because they are so readily available to use. Sometimes it can be interesting to take a step back and look at the different components that make up something in order to further understand and appreciate it. Here are a list of the top elevator [...]

The Benefits of Installing An Elevator

Nowadays, when we walk into a large multi-storey, commercial building, we’re all guilty of taking it for granted that a lift will be there. This means that on the odd occasion that we’re forced to walk up the stairs due to the lack of an elevator, we’re left feeling a little annoyed and perplexed at [...]

The Most Expensive Elevators in the World…

Although we are now so technologically advanced that we can literally have an elevator in our own house, that doesn’t mean that some of the elevators in the world are considered the most expensive mode of transport between the floors of a building. Whether it’s due to aesthetics or location, some of the world’s elevators [...]

Different Types of Elevators: Geared and Gearless Traction

When we look at an elevator, it is hard to imagine that there are so many different types available out there. The elevator itself was invented many years ago originally as a pully machine operated by slave labour. Over the years, technology advanced thanks to a man called Elisha Otis who secured the cars and [...]

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