Monthly Archives: February 2017

How Common Are Lift Accidents?

In 2003, a woman named Katarzyna Woja was fatally crushed in an accident when her gym elevator fell between floors in the London city centre. The question we propose to ask is how common really is the occurrence of a lift accident or do we all panic too much? Statistics from 2010 showed that since [...]

Different Types of Elevators: Hydraulic Elevators

We all know the basic function of an elevator, which is to move people between the floors of a relativity tall building. Elisha Otis’ safety design, which secured the car and prevented it from falling, made them a big hit and in this day and age, elevators are commonplace worldwide. There are three types of [...]

The History of Elevator Music

Elevator music was first implemented during the early 20th century and has become widely popular throughout the years. Although it currently isn’t used in elevators today as often as it was during the first few decades of its introduction, elevator music has a very interesting history. Here are a few key points… The act of [...]

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