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The History of Elevators Part One

Elevators are in pretty much every multi-storey building now. They are a handy alternative to the dreaded stairs and it’s hard to deny that they have made the general public quite lazy. Over the years, a lot of years to be exact, elevators have adapted and developed to be the fully functioning and modern machines [...]

Meet The Elevator Leading To Donald Trump

No matter what your opinion is on Donald Trump, the fact of the matter is that he’s going to be the new President of the United States come January. With the surprise election result, there has been widespread uncertainty and apprehension throughout the US, including various riots and protests that wouldn’t exactly be described as [...]

Elevators and Placebo Buttons

Such is the nature of the human race, it’s clear that each and every one of us wants to feel as if we’re in some kind of control. Whether it’s having the ability to pull the “emergency stop” handle on a train, or the ability to make traffic lights change colour so that you can [...]

4 Benefits of Elevators

Elevators are a creation that we take for granted and tend not to appreciate. They are there at the sight of nearly every staircase and we expect them to never vanish. Here at Elevators Ltd, we’ve put together our top 4 benefits to convince you why elevators are the way to go… They save space [...]

How To Choose The Right Platform Lift

Many of us pay so little attention to lifts, that it might surprise you to find out just how versatile and adaptable they can be. You’ll have a lot of big decisions to make when picking out the right lift for your business, and this is especially the case when you are installing a platform [...]

How Can An Elevator Help The Environment?

The importance of being environmentally-friendly seems to be intensifying by the day, as the media constantly tells us how we are endangering our planet and even film stars like Leonardo Di Caprio are trying to stress the significance of being green. This instantly makes us think about recycling, turning off our electricity at night and [...]

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