All You Need To Know About Elevator Music

For some people out there, a quick trip in an elevator can become cause for unbearable feelings of nervousness and anxiety. The close proximity, the lack of control, the awkwardness of standing an inch away from a stranger’s face- it can make some people very uncomfortable. Some lift companies have already started implemented digital […]

Here’s How Your Lift Ride Can Become More Entertaining

Last week we took a look at the psychology behind our strange behaviour throughout an elevator ride, and how some of us can feel awkward or even a little anxious as it shuttles us up to higher floors. Well, it turns out that there may actually be a solution to this problem, and that […]

Meet The Scariest Elevator-Themed Rollercoaster In The World

October is well underway and that means one very important thing: before we have chance to blink, Halloween will be here and we’ll have to grow accustomed to the sight of Batman queuing up at the cash machine with the rest of us. Along with the change in the conditions and the inevitably early-sale […]

The Patterns Of Standard Elevator Behaviour


Lifts have become such an integral part of our everyday working lives, that we can tend to not give them much thought. The elevator at the shopping centre and the ones in the reception of our offices or in the museum- we can all fall guilty of taking lifts for granted. They are truly […]

The Worst Elevator Accidents Throughout History

The elevator has become such a staple of everyday life that it’s one of the first things that we look for when entering a building taller than 2 storeys. Without elevators, we’d be busy nursing sore legs from the hike up the stairs, and the installation of a quality lift will ensure that your […]

Take A Look At The New Fastest Elevator In The World

Elevators really are remarkable contraptions: a feat of engineering. First and foremost, they allow us to travel up multiple flights of stairs without breaking a single bead of sweat, and also save your employees time which could otherwise be spent more productively. With the introduction of the Microsoft HoloLens to the world of lift […]

Meet The Last Elevator Operator In Los Angeles

It seems to us that finding genuinely uplifting, life affirming, real-life stories can be hard to come by nowadays. The internet is filled with so much negativity that it can become difficult to filter out all of the rubbish to find something that’s actually worth reading, and it’s incredibly rare for us to read […]

How To Find The Right Elevator For Your Building

When you realise that you need to install a brand new lift, you’ll find that you have a few big decisions to really think about. You need to settle on the size of the lift, the colour scheme of the door and the interior and even what kind of mirror to have inside. You […]

The Problems Caused By Impractical Car Parking

There’s nothing worse than turning up to work and finding that the car park is packed to the rafters. You find yourself circling the area in your car, scowling at every filled-up space as though one of the vehicles is going to magically dissipate into thin air. Eventually, you end up heading out of […]