Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Brief Introduction To Doppler Lifts

Doppler are a big name in the world of lifts, which is no mean feat after only being founded in the year 2000. They provide high quality, reliable lift solutions for a range of different purposes. Doppler lifts and Doppler parking systems are the ideal solution for commercial, public, and residential use. They are equipped [...]

Record-Breaking Lifts of 2016

Lifts can be truly remarkable things. Not only do they takes us up a flight of stairs without needing to break a sweat, they’re also capable of being absolutely incredible contraptions. Ever since they were incorporated in business throughout the world, lifts have proven to be an undeniably ground-breaking invention, and there are a few [...]

The Strangest 3 Lifts In The World

It may not have occurred to you that it’s possible for a lift to be a tourist attraction- apart from The Tower of Terror ride currently open at Disneyland. Lifts are very good at, well, taking us up and down so that we can visit the higher floors of a building, and we certainly appreciate [...]

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