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Living an eco-friendly life

Living an eco-friendly life The emissions that we, as humans, produce are too much for the earth to cope. We’ve known this for a while and governments all over the world are slowly doing their bit, however, we have to ensure that global temperatures must not rise by more than 2C if we are to [...]

What is an epoxy cabin?

What is an epoxy cabin? An epoxy cabin is where the metal surface of the elevators cabin is coated with a special epoxy or polyester resins during the manufacturing process. This is done to deliver a protective layer over the surface which not only helps to stop corrosion, but also creates a real decorative finish. [...]

On the up

On the up Vertical platform lifts are great but in some buildings there isn’t a viable option for installation. That’s why we also provide inclined platform lifts. These kind of lifts can be installed within residential and commercial properties, but crucially, can be also used outside. Inclined platform lifts can provide help to those who [...]

A one-of-a-kind lift

Working in the lift installation industry, we’ll concede that, to the untrained eye, a lot of lifts to do look pretty identical. However, there’s a lift in the World Trade Center in New York, that really is like no other.   A new observatory opened up in May last year at the top of the [...]

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