Monthly Archives: June 2016

Air Conditioning in Elevators

It’s essential that any elevator has air conditioning. This isn’t a luxury add-on that manufacturers charge extra for, it’s purely to keep the passengers inside the car comfortable. In summer, there is nothing worse than being in a stuffy, sweaty lift with ten other people feeling just as hot as you do. Imagine the lift [...]

What Happens When Your Office Building is Poorly Managed?

We probably take for granted the fact that some of us work in a serviced office block. We don’t question who pays the electric bill for the whole building, we don’t wonder who mops the floors late at night when everyone has gone home for the day, and we don’t worry when there’s something wrong [...]

Elevators of the Future? Or Coming Sooner Than We Envisioned?

Imagine if there was a rabbit warren almost of elevator cars, all travelling on a loop in a building, taking you sideways as well as up and down. The system would incorporate rotating parts, meaning that you could be where you needed to be a lot quicker than if you were to walk across floors [...]

World’s Most Expensive Buildings

It’s not often you see one of the world’s most expensive buildings in real life, so we thought we’d bring them to you in one article – okay, so we’re not taking you around the world in 80 days but this is better than nothing! Princess Tower in Dubai cost $2.17billion to construct and comprises [...]

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