Hotel lifts are getting more and more sophisticated

Some of the World’s Strangest Elevators

We know a good elevator design when we see one. We’ve been at the forefront of lift maintenance and servicing in London for years now and we know our stuff. We found some of the craziest, most stunning and most ingenious elevators around the world and thought we’d show them to you! These are […]

Problems Across Shanghai with Elevators

Grave concerns regarding the maintenance and safety of elevators across Shanghai have taken hold of the city after several tragic incidents resulting in loss of life. Many people are refusing to use the elevators in their buildings and safety officials were forced to investigate operational and maintenance procedures. After the investigations took place, new […]

Why you shouldn’t skip regular lift maintenance

Businesses and buildings have lifts to ensure that everyone can gain access to their services and facilities. Many customers and clients rely on a good running lift so it is essential that those lifts are kept in working order. If they can’t access your services or facilities, they may not come back again. To […]

Eco-friendly lift solutions

As a leading lift company here in the UK, we think it’s important that we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and our energy consumption. Climate change is real and poses a threat to the future of our planet, which is why we have to find ways to reduce the amount of energy we […]

The History of the Elevator

If you can believe it, the first elevators were created way way back in Egyptian times. They weren’t the elevators you see today however; they were more platforms that were raised by men heaving on hoisting ropes. The kind of lift we know today didn’t come onto manufacture until much much later, the 17th […]

A Norwegian lift invention

Here at Elevators Limited, we see lifts day in, day out – as you would imagine.  Often they are very similar to each other so when we see a lift that offers something a little different, we do get a little excited! To see the lift in question with your own eyes, you’ll have […]

What to Do If You Find Yourself Stuck in a Lift