Monthly Archives: April 2016

Hotel lifts are getting more and more sophisticated

Usually, stepping into a lift isn’t something we necessarily enjoy doing. It’s not that the experience is unpleasant; it’s just that it’s such an everyday occurrence that it’s something we do on auto-pilot. However, some hotels across the globe have really stepped up the lift game and have made their own lifts something to really [...]

Problems Across Shanghai with Elevators

Grave concerns regarding the maintenance and safety of elevators across Shanghai have taken hold of the city after several tragic incidents resulting in loss of life. Many people are refusing to use the elevators in their buildings and safety officials were forced to investigate operational and maintenance procedures. After the investigations took place, new safety [...]

Why you shouldn’t skip regular lift maintenance

Businesses and buildings have lifts to ensure that everyone can gain access to their services and facilities. Many customers and clients rely on a good running lift so it is essential that those lifts are kept in working order. If they can’t access your services or facilities, they may not come back again. To ensure [...]

What to Do If You Find Yourself Stuck in a Lift

We all pray it doesn’t happen to us, but it happens from time to time. It’s not a particularly common occurrence, but it can happen. The thing is, there are a lot of myths and silly stories in perpetual circulation regarding lifts and their safety but not many of them are true so if you [...]

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