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A Hydraulic Helping Hand – Lift Installation London

Hydraulic lift installation London-wide is a service that we’re regularly called on to perform, and we don’t think it’s too hard to see why they’re so popular. They’re versatile, coming in capacity ranges from 480 kg to a whopping 20,000 kg, and can reach speeds of up to 1.6 m/s when working away in full [...]

Compact Convenience for Cars – Lift Installation London

Did you know? People aren’t the only things that a lift can transport, as much as the popular image of an elevator might be people stood together while quietly waiting for their floor to arrive. Cars are another area where lift installation London-wide can come in handy, especially in areas where parking is likely to [...]

Serving Up Success – Lift Installation London

Service lifts are an increasingly common sight in the modern world, offering a fantastic solution to the problems posed by moving items and cargo of all kinds across floors where space and options may be limited. Often referred to as dumbwaiters, they’re a speciality of ours here at Elevators Ltd, and so we thought we’d [...]

Lots of Lifts – Lift Repair London

There are a wide variety of lifts out there in the modern day, especially with new technology constantly creating new possibilities. We thought that we’d take the time to go over a few of the most common, however, especially since we’re more than capable of carrying out efficient lift repair London-wide on just about all [...]

Ensuring Safe Success – Lift Company Oxford

The team here at Elevators Ltd considers a job well done to be a job carried out to the letter when it comes to health and safety, as costly accidents are often easily avoided by adhering to the proper procedures. That’s why we strive to stay fully fluent, aware and up to date with all [...]

Make a Scene – Lift Company Oxford

Looking for something a little more pleasing on the eyes than your average lift? Aiming to be a little flashy with the way you transit people across floors in your building? You’ll definitely want to check out what we can do for you in the way of scenic lifts then, as we’re the leading lift [...]

Let’s Make It Modern – Lift Company Oxford

As a general rule, things tend to wear out and look a little worse for wear as time goes by, and lift systems are unfortunately no exception! As much as we’d love our elevators to last forever without maintenance or repair, they’ll always begin to show their age eventually. This is never more apparent in [...]

Why Experience Matters – Lift Company Oxford

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely necessary for every single lift company Oxford-wide to have, we here at Elevators Ltd would have to say that it’s experience! Experience is the driving force behind work done correctly, and it ensures that no beginner mistakes will happen during the process of installing or repairing any given lift. [...]

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