Pick Up a Package | Lift Maintenance

At Elevators Ltd, we believe that highly professional lift maintenance is the key to success with any kind of lift installation, no matter how large or small, and so we always make sure that we’re always at the ready to provide maintenance, repair, modernisation and more. We’re a leading lift company Surrey-wide with a  […]

Making Sure You’re Maintained | Lift Company Sussex


Down here at Elevators Ltd, we’ve been very busy these past few months! We’re a top lift company Sussex-wide, after all, and so we’ve been out and about carrying out a wide range of expert services for those who need them. We’re noticing a trend, however, and that’s the fact that more people are […]

Carrying Cars | Lift Company Surrey

Car lifts are an innovative design which utilises all of the technology normally put into lift systems and elevators to create and save space in parking facilities, both under and over ground. They’re perfect for smaller car parks as well as residential and commercial garages, where a lack of floor space may be a […]

Protected Against Problems | Lift Company Surrey

Your everyday modern lift is designed specifically to provide years and years of reliable service, but that doesn’t mean that they’re never going to go wrong. In fact, most lifts encounter a slew of smaller problems during their service lives that can range from a simple failing of the LED display all the way […]