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Give Your Lifts Some Love

When it comes to your lift installations, it wouldn’t be too unusual for you to worry about how best to keep them running and running for years to come. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to do anything and our lifts would just keep on going, but unfortunately things aren’t quite that simple - [...]

Elevator Services for Emergencies – Lift Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than a failure with your lift to disrupt just about everything that needs it to function, which in the case of many kinds of lift is often just about everything. It’s true! The importance of lift systems in the modern age can’t be understated, as a tremendous range of industries and businesses [...]

The Reasoning behind Refurbishment

If you have a lift installation that’s getting quite old now, asking how you can refurbish and bring it up to date is a wise question to ask! It all comes down to some very advantageous effects, including increasing the value of your building on a functional and aesthetic level. New lifts feature sleek, modern [...]

Springtime Servicing

Can you feel that sudden feeling of warmth from the sun outside? The skies clearing up and letting the weather shine for once? That’s right, it seems like spring has finally arrived in full force, and more and more people are headed out to enjoy the British climate at its best! The weather is definitely [...]

Maintaining a High Standard

It doesn’t matter what kind of lift you own, or where you have it installed, lift maintenance is just about the most important service a lift company Surrey can carry out for you. If you’re a property owner with experience of having lifts, you’ll likely know why, but many people are still ignorant of the [...]

Keep Your Lifts Up To Date!

As the most well recommended lift company Surrey has to offer, we’re proud to offer up a tremendously varied range of professional and efficient lift services that make us the first choice for so many people. One of those services that we specialise in is lift modernisation, and it’s something that we’re often called out [...]

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