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The dreaded commute

Do you commute to work? If so, do you dread it? The horrid traffic jams, leaving you staring at the back end of the car in front for what can feel like hours, or waiting for the train or bus to arrive on time - which is a rare thing during rush hour. And not [...]

Lift services you can rely on

Are you looking for a lift company Kent? Have you been on the hunt for reliable and professional lift maintenance and lift installation in Kent? Is it time for you to sort that lift out in your building that has been driving your crazy because it keeps breaking down? If so, then welcome to Elevators [...]

Delivering to you on time | Lift Maintenance

It’s important in all industries to deliver to your customers on time, even more so for those working in restaurants and hotels. No one enjoys waiting for their food to arrive, especially when they’re hungry and no one certainly wants to tuck into cold food that they’ve waited ages for. Fortunately, here at Elevators Ltd [...]

Adding up the steps

So here’s a way to lose those post-Christmas pounds; banning lifts in public places. It sounds extreme and it could even put lift maintenance companies in a sticky situation. Stairs are a good way to drop the pounds, but what if you’re carrying heavy items, or you were pushing a pram, you’re disabled, elderly or [...]

Stepping into the awkwardness

Who thought that such as a small box which has high speeds, meaning that you only have to be in it for just a few seconds, could be so awkward? If you can’t guess what we’re talking about, we’re referring to lifts. If we could add a piece of technology when we complete lift maintenance [...]

Happy New Year!

Everyone over at Elevators Ltd would firstly like to say Happy New Year and we hope that 2015 brings you happiness and good health. It’s inevitable that we all have a bit of motivation in us to achieve some personal goals amongst the doom and gloom of January. Now although the traditional resolutions are been [...]

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