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Lift Out of Order – Lift Maintenance

Are you sick of seeing the above sign? Is it a notification that’s been there for days and will be there for days to come? Are you left wondering whether the owners of the building has a lift maintenance company on board to resolve issues like this and if so, where are they? We all [...]

Delivering on time – lift maintenance

It’s a very busy time of the year for everyone, especially for couriers. It’s a mad rush to get all your Christmas gifts delivered on time and before Christmas Day, but sadly, there seems to be a backlog causing delays. It’s funny really, because if Father Christmas can deliver presents around the world on Christmas [...]

Wanted: A Reliable Lift Maintenance Company

Have you been seeking out a reliable and trustworthy lift company, whose specialist services include lift maintenance and lift repair? And preferably, a lift company who doesn’t run at the smallest hurdle or can’t deliver a service on time. It can be awkward and frustrating when there is a lift in your building that is [...]

Don’t be a dumb waiter

If like us, you’re huge Fawlty Towers fans then you’ll appreciate this blog. As you know, Manuel wasn’t the brightest spark, in fact, we’re not even sure how he got the job working for Basil Fawlty in the first place, but he did bring us a few good laughs over the years. Manuel was a [...]

Up, down, left, right

It’s not all about going up and down in a lift, what if you have to walk a fair distance to get from one side of the floor to the other? Some buildings are wider than you think. Well, it looks like someone else has the same opinion as us that lifts should travel beyond [...]

Lifting your spirits

It’s officially Christmas time! December is here, advent calendars are being opened and your local town or city should be lit up with festive decorations. It’s often a little depressing when you step into a lift that’s plain without a sprinkle of tinsel on the floor, after walking through a winter wonderland. We do our [...]

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