Monthly Archives: November 2014

The weather outside is frightful

Is it me or is it getting colder outside? I know we’re stepping into winter now but the temperature outside has been relatively mild for the time of year, it’s only been the last week or so that I’ve noticed it getting colder, especially at night. Lifts aren’t the warmest of places during winter – [...]

Lifting your spirits this Christmas

Well, it’s one month until we trot off to bed early and make sure we’re asleep before midnight so Father Christmas can drop off all of our presents. Now if you’re like us and you get too excited to open presents and like a few early surprises on the way, then how about an early [...]

Caught out

How eager are you to get your food or to serve it to your customers? We’re all eager to eat the food; no one can deny that, especially in a restaurant. The anticipation of waiting for your meal to be served can make even the most patient souls become rather inpatient. Elevators Ltd specialises in [...]

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Elevators Ltd are on their way

Boom! We managed to squeeze in an early Christmas themed title! The Christmas lights have been switched on, so it’s officially time to start preparing and getting excited for Christmas! Christmas also means winter (sorry to put a downer on it), and what a chilling day it is today. You can tell winter is approaching [...]

Happy Bonfire Night!

Happy Bonfire Night! We love fireworks, sparklers, toffee apples, bangers and mash, and anything else associated with Bonfire night really. It’s important to stay safe on Bonfire night and to keep any pets locked away, safely inside. If there’s one thing that you can be sure of on Bonfire night, it’s that there will be [...]

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