Monthly Archives: October 2014

Visual Displays

We here at Elevators Ltd are always keeping up to date with the latest technology, new lifts and new inventions – if we can say that when it comes to lift maintenance and installation. Every Friday, we take a few minutes out to find cool, funny and bizarre lift pranks or creative ideas that we [...]

Top quality service from Elevators Ltd

It may sound like an understatement, but ensuring that you have a professional, reliable and skilled lift maintenance and installation company is vital, as you’re relying on them to provide you with a safe and smoothly operated lift. Fortunately, Elevators Ltd are the leading lift maintenance company in Rochester, so you don’t need to worry [...]

Enhance Your Elevators

Have you got an aging lift that’s been on your mind recently? Are you dreading having to replace it, and bear the brunt of the costs involved? Well, hold on a moment – we here at Elevators Ltd might just have a much better alternative for you, and that lies with refurbishment. Don’t rush ahead, [...]

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